“I breed Rottweilers and I have always paid special attention to their hips and joint developments. My vet has always recommended glucosamine and chondroitin for them as supplements. With NutriEdge Stage 2 dog foods, I no longer need to add supplements to their diets and my dogs are still nourished with glucosamine and chondroitin.”

(Michael K.)


“I keep both my Jack Rusell and West highland white terrier indoors. They both indoors trained and I have always tolerated their high volume of stools and odours. I was recommended by a breeder to use NutriEdge Stage 3 dog foods. I am absolutely satisfy with the result after 2 months of usage.”

(Sarah M. L.)

“My name is Shelly. I owned 5 Golden Retrievers. My dogs love the taste of NutriEdge Stage 2 dog foods. After 1 month of usage. I have had drastic improvements on my dogs general well being and improved lustrous and shiny coat.”

(Shelly C.)

“I owned an English Pointer, Kayla. She is 5 years old now. She has always been fed on commercials dog foods until she came down with liver infection. My vet recommends that I use holistic foods for her to avoid further damage to her liver. I have tried several types of holistic foods and I found Kayla doing so well with NutriEdge. She shows no signs of liver infection thereafter.”

(Kelly B.)

“My kennel was established since 1995. I have never experience huge litters of puppies till I started feeding them NutriEdge. I believe the chelated minerals contained in the food have improved my breeding programs.”

(Thomas C. A.)

“Being a breeder of show Siberian huskies since 1998, I have always fed my dogs with lamb and rice dog foods. I started feeding NutriEdge Lamb & Rice six months ago and I have noticed amazing results above my expectation. I see my dogs with improved coat conditions, less shedding and less stools. My dogs also have better appetite and I need not add supplements.”

(John D.)

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