NUTRI EDGE Pet Foods were developed by expert nutritionist and professional breeders for people with life long commitments to their pets. This legacy of care and commitments can now extend into the lives of your pets in the form of NUTRI EDGE products.

Since 1978, the manufacturer of NUTRI EDGE has been creating a revolution in the pet food industry NUTRI EDGE has a genuine faith in the value of science in improving the quality of life for people and pets. NUTRI EDGE is a proud product to introduce itscomplete line of Super Premium Dog Foods with every stage of its products from the highest quality, with better taste and higher nutritional value.

The professional nutritionists and breeders who developed the NUTRIEDGE formulas paid special attention to balancing proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in order to ensure optimal development during every stage of the animal life.

NUTRI EDGE is respected as one of the top quality pet foods in the pet food industry with an established reputation for an uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation. The process of baking foods slowly preserves essentials nutrients and aids in digestibility. The use of 100% human grade ingredients offers the perfect nutritional complement to a healthy canine diet.

 The exclusive formulas of NUTRI EDGE contain no corn, poultry by products, artificial colouring, wheat or soy, making it great for all dog with food allergies. Because NUTRI EDGE is high density, you feed (25% – 30%) less than other foods. Each serving delivers maximum nutrition and lower stool volume, faeces odor and less clean up. Prebiotics were added to increase digestibility, enhance the immune system, eliminate digestive stress such as vomiting, diarrhea and digestive flatulence.

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